Some students are not cutout for mainstream curriculum and will continue to struggle when faced with the same content, context and approaches. Our Vocational Academy was created with these children in mind.
We provide specialised care and educational training to these students.

Our curriculum, methodologies and understanding of how to manage barriers to learning and SEN, enables students to be job-ready and functional in the workplace.
Our carefully considered approach accommodates and calms the fears of our students.
We run our programmes at a slow, manageable pace, which supports and enables our students to process and comprehend key learning skills to the best of their ability.

We offer two full time specialist vocational programmes
(Early Childhood Development and IT Technical Support)
to replace Gr 10 – 12 and serve as an alternative curriculum for students with barriers to learning and SEN requirements.

Our Vocational Academy Programmes provide:

  • Greater accessibility to students requiring regular and consistent support
  • Better accessibility for students than a regular mainstream curriculum offers
  • Better accommodation of supportive learning with audio assistance
  • More opportunities for practical student participation
  • A better fit between student needs and student performance
  • More effective programme than the sum of the individual parts
  • Better reaction times to the student voice
  • Greater responsiveness to real working-world demands
  • Cultivation of post-school learning responsibility
  • Respect for students individuality
  • Real working-world confidence and conduct
  • Opportunities for future learning
  • Skills for job readiness



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