IT Technical Support Programme

Registered Qualification:
Further Education and Training Certificate: Information Technology Technical Support
Programme Length:
Three years full time
Programme Overview:
The purpose of this qualification is to build foundational knowledge as the entry point into the field of Computer Sciences and Information Technology, specifically into the field of Systems Support. This covers the basic knowledge needed for further study in the field of Systems Support at Higher Education Levels. A qualifying student at this level will be a well-rounded entry level Systems Support professional, with a good fundamental knowledge of the Information Technology field. This, coupled with interpersonal and business skills, allows for specialisation in: Hardware and Infrastructure Support for Personal Computers.

This qualification is designed to:

  • Provide learners with an entry level for further study in Information Technology and related fields, as well as for initial employment in the computer
  • Provide a foundational qualification for people who are pursuing a career in the computer industry, or related fields. People with this qualification have an introductory level of understanding about computer industry concepts and/or are able to work in areas of Information Technology with little technical complexity. Examples of the areas covered include: entry-level hardware, software, electronics and network support, on mainly (but not limited to) desktop and hand-held devices and local area networks.
  • Have a flexible structure to allow for changing requirements in the computer industry, and to allow providers to create learning programmes with a predominantly Information Technology Support component but tailored to meet the local, national or international needs.

The Qualification consists of a Fundamental, a Core and an Elective Component. To be awarded the Qualification, learners are required to obtain a minimum of 163 credits, as detailed in the Unit Standards below.

Unit Standard NQF Level Credits
Fundamental Component (Compulsory 56 credits)
Mathematical Literacy NQF Level 4 16
Communication 1st Language NQF Level 4 20
Communication 2nd Lanaguage NQF Level 3
Core Component ( Compulsory 77 credits)
Demonstrate an understanding of preventative maintenance, environmental and safety issues in a computer environment NQF Level 3
Explain the principles of computer networks NQF Level 3 5
Apply problem solving strategies NQF Level 4 4
Comply with service levels as set out in a Contact Centre Operation NQF Level 4 10
Demonstrate an understanding of testing IT systems against given specifications NQF Level 4 6
Describe information systems departments in business organisations NQF Level 4 3
Describe the types of computer systems and associated hardware configurations NQF Level 4 6
Explain computer architecture concepts NQF Level 4 7
Explain how data is stored on computers NQF Level 4 7
Handle a range of customer complaints NQF Level 4 4
Investigate the use of computer technology in an organisation NQF Level 4 6
Participate in groups and/or teams to recommend solutions to problems NQF Level 4 3
Resolve computer user`s problems NQF Level 4 5
Resolve technical computer problems NQF Level 4 5
Elective Component (Compulsory 30 credits )
Assemble a personal computer or handheld computer and peripherals from modules NQF Level 4 7
Demonstrate an understanding of hardware components for personal computers or handheld computers NQF Level 4 7
Describe computer cabling NQF Level 4 4
Install a personal computer or handheld computer and peripherals NQF Level 4 7
Install system software and application software for a personal computer or hand-held computer NQF Level 4 5

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