Many of our students come from mixed schooling experiences. Some good, but all too often, heart-breaking. Some have shut down, refusing to work, while others have become disillusioned with their performance, resulting in sporadic school attendance. Almost always, these children feel marginalized, pushed aside or invisible.

Our approach aims to catch the “invisible child” and wrap him or her in a full 360-degree blanket of support. We are experienced and staffed to create individual scaffolding needed for each child to realize their own potential in their own time and space.

Who Is Our Typical Student?

Our students are typically moderate to high-functioning adolescents who have difficulty negotiating academic, social and emotional pressures of a mainstream school environment.

Their difficulties at school may also impact their lives outside of school.
Students are often referred to EDU360 by educational or clinical psychologists, other schools, ADHD groups, ASD groups and other mental health professionals.

However, our favourite referrals are word-of-mouth referrals – people who have experienced our nurturing ethos and happy students, first hand.

Happy students = happier parents and families.

Our Philosophy

We provide a purposeful (focused) education solution to students and their families. We create learning opportunities beyond the limits of the mainstream curriculum. We foster confidence beyond the duress of traditional education expectation. Our expert knowledge and international experience enables us to integrate interdisciplinary expertise to best support each student’s specific needs.

Our Approach

  • 360-degree wrap-around approach
  • Fit-for-purpose
  • Student-centered

Our Focus

  • Managing learning differences
  • Closing educational gaps
  • Ensuring confidence in ones’ own abilities

Our Methods

  • Skills driven
  • Transparent
  • Tried-and-tested

Our Students Matter Most

  • We deliver clear and honest education support.
  • We reflect upon the individual attributes of our students.
  • We consider each student’s unique fears and aspirations.
  • We acknowledge the magic of self-esteem.
  • We possess the will to bring about individual encouragement.
  • We recognise that the sum of the emotional, social, academic and attitudinal parts of learning are more important than the whole.

Come and experience our Magic!