About EDU360

We are uniquely positioned to do what no one else is doing. We’ve learned how to ignite the magic of self-esteem inherent in each child. And once a child feels fully supported and can trust these structures around him or her, the sky is the limit!

Our Vision

To maximize the potential of students who learn differently by making teaching and learning accessible.

Our Mission

To provide 360 degree, complete wrap-around, child-centered support specific to each child’s individual needs.

Our Values

  • Rewriting the rules
  • Highly innovative and responsive
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Diversity and inclusionary
  • Anything but conventional
  • Reigniting children’s excitement in life and learning

Our Offering

  • EDU360 Specialist Schools
  • EDU360 Vocational Academy
  • EDU360 Therapy Hub

At the heart of who we are: highly professional, creative teachers and individuals with a profound passion for supporting our students in realising their own inherent potential.

No of Enrolled Students


6 to 10 students/class

Our Growth


since inception in 2016

Our Specialist Team


teachers & therapists



receive financial scholarships

Students Graduating


at end of 2020

Graduate Success


are employed or studying further

Can EDU360 help my child?