• StepBEYOND Remedial School Integrating skills to manage learning difference. Better
  • StepBEYOND Remedial School Integrating skills to manage learning difference. Better
  • StepBEYOND Remedial School Integrating skills to manage learning difference. Better

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StepBEYOND Remedial School

Integrating skills to manage learning difference. Better.

EDU360 StepBEYOND School is a specialist high school. Registered in 2016, the school is located in the tech, insurance and advertising centre of Rivonia, Johannesburg, near Liliesleaf Farm, used secretly by Nelson Mandela in the 1960s.

StepBEYOND Remedial High serves students in grades 8 and 9, with a preparation class at grade 8 level. We welcome mainstream students, remedial students and homeschoolers to our one-of-a-kind, specialist school.

StepBEYOND serves moderate to high-functioning adolescents who have difficulty negotiating academic, social and emotional pressures of a typical school environment. Students at StepBEYOND typically struggle with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), adjustment problems, anxiety, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, emotional and social difficulties. All our students possess specific learning difficulties (SpLD) and wide-ranging barriers to learning.

Our students arrive at StepBEYOND from a variety of schools - prestigious, competitive, independent and government schools; where they have demonstrated reasonable-to-good achievement in areas of a particular interest. Our students are keen to learn and possess an overarching desire to simply fit-in.

Many of the students that arrive at our door have a mixed schooling experience. Some good, but all too often, heart-breaking. Some have shut down, refusing to work, while others have become disillusioned with their schooling performance, resulting in sporadic school attendance. Their difficulties at school may also impact their lives outside of school. In contrast, within a short period of time, based on our Vocational Academy results, many of our students are learning to manage their difficulties, successfully.

Students are often referred to StepBEYOND School by educational psychologists, clinical psychologists, other schools, ADHD groups, ASD groups and other mental health professionals. Our favourite referrals are word-of-mouth referrals – people who have experienced our nurturing ethos and happy students, first hand. Happy students = happier parents and families. Please visit us, so that you too can experience the EDU360 remedial magic.

Our StepBEYOND School AIMS are:

To provide a quality remedial schooling experience.
To develop wrap-around support promoting resilience, determination, positive self-talk and personal accountability.
To provide skills-based teaching, with education and clinical remediation opportunities.
To provide quality learning opportunities, to students with special education needs.
To integrate support skills between schooling, education and clinical remediation departments.

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Jacquie McKelvey

Principal's Welcome

"We are looking forward to working with students, families and faculty members to ensure that our school is as successful as possible in achieving our schooling aims"
Jacqui McKelvey - Principal

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