• Professional Development Curriculum support and training
  • Professional Development SEN CPD workshops aand training
  • Professional Development Assessors and moderators courses

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We are an independent, remedial education provider in Southern Africa.
We offer a world class education programme to students with barriers to learning and SEN (Special Education Needs).
We provide professionally qualified academic learning support to scholars, students, parents and educators in the mainstream and special education communities.


EDU360 – Professional Development

We understand SpLD (Specific Learning Difference).
We understand remedial teaching.
We manage learning difference. Better.

We care about educators and aim to empower the teacher voice. Matching observational concerns to specific and profound difficulties, we enable educators to navigate SEN occurrence in a professional and nurturing manner.

Our offering currently includes:-

 Accredited Train-the-trainer

 Assessors Course
 Moderators Course
 Whole Brain Train the Trainer Programme

Professional Development Workshops

 Teacher Twilight Session
 Master Class Workshop
 Motivated Classroom Workshop
 Welcome to Teaching Course