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We are an independent, remedial education provider in Southern Africa.
We offer a world class education programme to students with barriers to learning and SEN (Special Education Needs).
We provide professionally qualified academic learning support to scholars and students in the mainstream and special education communities.


 Our Support is Different

10 Reasons why our Learning Support service is different:

1 Our support programmes are personally structured to our student’s individualised needs, and skill level.
2 Our talented staff is qualified, certified, good looking and experienced.
3 We know what kind of support works. We are aware of online and offline internationally SEN-recognised teaching methods and learning techniques
4 EDU360 follows international good-practice guidelines and standards. We adhere to the UK SEN code of practice because it acknowledges the team-around-the-child approach. A multidisciplinary team is more effective than a unilateral approach to support.
5 Our team possesses a working knowledge of support operations in government and private schools across Gauteng, and South Africa.
6 Our team of subject specialists possess a tried-and-tested understanding of the South African CAPS curriculum.
7 We are not tied to a mainstream school and therefore function independently, in the truest sense, without bucket loads of red tape.
8 EDU360 is truly inclusive and acknowledges the student voice, educator opinion, family concerns and barriers-to-learning, relative to the ability of our student. We love working with schools and they love working with us. [See Diagram 1]
9 Kids love visiting our smart office and Vocational Academy. We believe that happy and comfortable students are productive students.
10 Our service is located centrally in Sandton to benefit as many people as possible. Motorways and backroads provide many travel options
Diagram 1: Our support service is different and inclusive