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  • Learning Support 360-degree wrap around learning support
  • Learning Support Tutoring, Remediation, Intervention
  • Learning Support We understand that every student learns differently

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We are an independent, remedial education provider in Southern Africa.
We offer a world class education programme to students with barriers to learning and SEN (Special Education Needs).
We provide professionally qualified academic learning support to scholars and students in the mainstream and special education communities.


Our Students

We provide quality, effective learning support, pertinent to the needs of our students. Our intention is to help the children of South Africa manage their respective barriers-to-learning, and their learning difficulties, better.

Typically, our students:
1. Experience varying classifications of difficulty
2. Experience varying intensities of difficulty
3. Display observable complications

  • Typically, our students experience varying classifications of difficulty

    • Intrinsic barriers to learning (high anxiety, poor personal organization, social incompatibility).
    • SEN (Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Working Memory).
    • SpLD (Dyslexia, AD(H)D, Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia)).
    Learning Support Tiers
  • Typically, our students experience varying intensities of difficulty

    • Mild and intrinsic barriers-to-learning (general learning difficulties).
    • Moderate Special Education Needs (SEN).
    • Moderate to severe Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD).

    intensities of support
  • Typically, our students display observable complications

    Our students display observable complications as a result of their underlying LD. The earlier that our Premium Remediation and Intervention support is made available to your child, the sooner the potential gap in learning can be remediated; and ongoing difficulty accommodated, to improve learning motivation, self-esteem and education stamina

    Learning Support Services

 Let’s start a conversation today. . . Ready, steady. Go!

The sooner we start remediation and assist your child, the better we will be able to support your family:

  • Minimize current and potential gaps in curriculum skill development.
  • Improve quality of learning and classroom experience.
  • Reduce current and potential negative effects of LD.
  • Manage learning difference. Better.