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We are an independent, remedial education provider in Southern Africa.
We offer a world class education programme to students with barriers to learning and SEN (Special Education Needs).
We provide professionally qualified academic learning support to scholars and students in the mainstream and special education communities.


Our Service is Different

The EDU360 LEARNING SUPPORT TEAM is qualified and certified to offer three tiers of support intensity – ranging from Tutoring (low intensity) to Remediation and Intervention (high intensity).

Our scholars benefit from our personalised service. Two decades (plus) of experience working with academically challenged scholars, students and adults, in a variety of international settings, enables us to make a difference to your child’s learning performance.

Our specialist tutoring is SEN focused.
Our three-tiered service supports students with a variety of difficulties.
The quality and richness of the support is scalable and specific to the student.

The EDU360 Learning Support challenge, and opportunity, in an education context – for teacher and student – is to be aware of the Specific Learning Difference (SpLD) and to explore a variety of methods and techniques to facilitate optimal learning – a distinct set of skills to cope at school, in life and eventually, at work.

Our three-tiered service finds the balance between too much and too little support.

  • One size does not fit all.

    In this case, the type and quality of learning support should be responsive to the degree of need, relevant to each student profile. Our three categories of support teaching cover all learning support needs, beautifully.

    Learning Support Tiers
  • Square peg in a round hole?

    We understand that all students, and their respective learning support needs, are unique. Following consultation, we are able to identify learning strengths and weaknesses, to ensure that the most appropriate level of support is structured around your child and their specific learning requirement.

    intensities of support
  • Personalised and structured support

    We have two premium categories of learning support – Remediation and Intervention (h/link remediation and intervention). Both services are personalised and structured to help your child manage their learning difference. Better.

    Learning Support Services


We are qualified teachers who offer a tutoring service. This service is offered individually and in small group scenarios. We use the same textbook and subject materials as our students use in their respective classrooms to convey a near-identical subject teaching experience. Our experienced practitioners are mindful of the teaching methodologies introduced to our students by their respective school teachers – we support our students and are cognisant of the status quo of operations in their regular classroom, at their regular school.

Subject Areas
Afrikaans, Art, CAT (Computer Applied Technology), English, Life Orientation, Life Skills, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Life Science; Social Sciences (Geography and History), Xhosa (isi) and Zulu (isi).


Our remediation offering is a premium, personalised education service. We build our support provision around the individual needs of our scholars and students. Gaps in knowledge and skill deficits are recognised and a remediation programme is established to remediate the underlying concern. This service is more intensive than regular tutoring activities and specific resources are used in addition to the regular school notes and textbooks used by your child in their regular classroom. Importantly, the sooner that remediation is started, the better the learning response.

Subject Areas
Afrikaans, English, Life Orientation, Life Skills, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Life Science and Social Sciences (Geography and History).


Our intervention offering is a premium service structured around the personalised SpLD requirements of our moderate to severe students. We specialise in English Literacy and Mathematical Numeracy deficits. Our service offers professional, world-class multisensory programmes of intervention, and access to experienced support and advice. Our specialist knowledge allows us to build on the learning strengths of your child to reach their potential.

Subject Areas
English – Reading, Comprehension, Spelling and Writing. Mathematics – Numeracy, Measures and KTAs (Key Topic Areas).