• EDU360 Vocational Academy Our vocational programme is SEN-specific with a job-ready approach
  • EDU360 Vocational Academy Our scholars and students benefit from our personalised methodology to learning.
  • EDU360 Vocational Academy Accredited full-time programmes and part-time enrichment courses

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Our Vocational Academy - located in Rivonia, Sandton - is opening its doors in January 2017!

We are a one-of-kind training institution, empowering high school students with learning barriers and SEN challenges.

Our students benefit from our personalised methodology to learning.

Contact us today to find out more about our course offering and our campus.

A mainstream curriculum in a mainstream educational facility is not the best fit for ALL students. Our academy provides specific care and educational training for students in such circumstances.

Our curriculum, methodologies and understanding of how to manage barriers to learning and SEN, enables students to be JOB-READY and FUNCTIONAL in the workplace.