• Overview of EDU360 Learning Support,
    Remediation and Intervention
  • Overview of EDU360 Vocational Academy-
    Leave school job ready!
  • Overview of EDU360 Professional Development
    for SEN and mainstream Educators

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We are an independent, remedial education provider in Southern Africa.
We offer a world class education programme to students with barriers to learning and SEN (Special Education Needs).
We provide professionally qualified academic learning support to scholars and students in the mainstream and special education communities.


EDU360 – What our Students and Parents say about us

The school is unique and amazing. If you don't want your child crammed into an uncomfortable box, look at EDU360
- Lorraine Corocran, Parent

Thank you for making my daughter's assssment a fun morning out for her!
- Nicole Holborow-Brown, Parent

People who know how to make a differnce! Keep up the good work!
- Sandra Muller-Weibel, Parent

Amazing education facillity for youngsters out ther who don't fit into the mainstream schooling system but who deserve a chance to be great
- Lorraine Corocran, Parent

I like this academy because I am much happier here at this academy than I was at my other school
- Megan, 17 , September 2017

When I came to EDU360, I changed. My marks went up, I became a different person, I used to stress bad, and never liked anybody with no social skills but ever since I joined EDU360 I changed into a better Michael
- Michael, 18 , September 2017

They understand where you come from, they treat you with respect and with manners
- Michael, 18 , September 2017

EDU360 is a safe, kind, bully free place, also you can be yourself and no one will hold it against you
- Michael, 18 , September 2017

I like how we work and how we never get stressed out.
- Shirelle, 19 , September 2017

I like to be in EDU360 because I wasn’t able to read, now I can
- Zothile, 17 , September 2017

I like Michelle because she is so funny and makes people laugh and that’s why I like this school
- Lorraine , 15 , March 2017

I like that we have fun and that I have met awesome people
- Sarah , 17 , March 2017

I like being here because the rooms are not too big and there are not a lot of people in a class. People are nice and great.
- Michael, 17 , March 2017

I like it at EDU360 because this is where I feel more at home, and I can go to everyone to speak about everything
- Aimee , 16 , March 2017

I enjoy coming to the academy. I have the best teachers in the world and we do homework at school so that the teachers are here to help us. we walk every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Tuesdays and Thursdays we run,
- Connor, 15 , March 2017

I like being here because it’s nothing like my old school, everything here is in order and not jumbled around
- Daniel, 18, March 2017

It's better than school because I get more responsibility than I would have gotten in a normal school environment
- Rhys D, 19 , March 2017

One of the main reasons that I like EDU360 is that I like this environment that we are in, and the way we learn is completely different to school, and to be honest I like the people here
- Rhys D, 19 , March 2017